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Introducing Alison Avron, a Sydney-based singer, songwriter and live performance venue Director. Alison ventured into the live events industry in 2008, has experienced the highs of running a venue, the lows of its forced closure brought by COVID-19 and the recent joy of founding a new business. Now Alison’s bringing live events back to the people at her new venue, The Great Club. Located in Marrickville and once a former Greek Club, The Great Club is now operated by Alison Avron and her team of live music tragics.

“I have learnt so many things about promoting a new venue, especially in 2021. But, I really do value that it takes a village now. I have spent so long being a lone ranger in this industry but I’m now surrounded by the most wonderful team.

They work out the production logistics of every live show. Gigpiglet arranges the artist’s arrival time, additional backline, recording and lighting requests. Before they do all that though, I have an incredible young fire-cracker, Holly Schloeffel, as my Venue Administrator. She makes sure that everyone involved is across what’s going on and her worksheets truly make everything a dream for the artist team, bar and kitchen staff.”


Live: What have been some of your career highlights or most memorable moments?

Alison: It’s been really nice to reflect on what I did at The Newsagency. My staff always catch me saying “Oh yeah… they did their first Sydney show at The Newsagency” and I realise I’m talking about bands like Holy Holy, Alex the Astronaut, Taj Ralph, Julia Jacklin & Sampa the Great. That’s so special to have facilitated that for those incredible artists.

I was proud as punch to be a recipient of the AMP Tomorrow Fund in 2016. Gosh, it was lovely to be recognised for my hard work.

Other than that, I LOVED recording my album, Tiny Little Universe, in 2015 with producer Philip Jimenez at his studio on Long Island NY. He’s most famous for producing/recording Teenage Dirtbag (he’s also a deadset legend) And, performing Jagged Little Pill by Alanis Morissette to a sold-out crowd of drunk but very enthusiastic Scottish people at Edinburgh Fringe Festival was pretty fun.

Live: What has most impressed you about the music industry during COVID?

Alison: We are an incredibly resilient bunch. We wade through the shit and we press on. We have to because it’s all we know. I’ve never met someone who works in this industry who doesn’t have the work ethic of an ox and an inherent loyalty to the culture we create.

“There’s something really special about being in a room connecting with a bunch of strangers listening to the same performance that can’t be witnessed again. We’re all experiencing that moment in a different way but all there in it together. It’s a very beautiful, unique and intangible experience. Live performance makes people less lonely and I feel very privileged to have that kind of relationship with music and facilitate it for my community.”


Live: What excites you about being a part of the live music industry in the next 12 months and beyond?

Alison:  I’m excited about this vaccine being fully rolled out. It’s got to help with getting gigs back to “normal”.
In 12 months TGC will surely be running on all cylinders; gigs 4 nights a week with happy staff and happy patrons!

Live: What are your thoughts on being a strong, female leader working in this industry?

Alison: If I was a man, I’m inclined to think this question would be “What are my thoughts on being a strong leader working in this industry?”

That being said, I am proud to be a female leader. I provide a unique set of skills and a different perspective on the music industry. I love that I have created a safe space to encourage other females to become strong leaders too.

Live: What are you currently listening to, watching, reading and dreaming about?

Alison: I cannot stop listening to EGOISM’s latest single, Lonely but Not Alone.
I’m currently re-watching The Nanny and making sure I don’t miss the latest episodes of Rupaul’s Drag Race Down Under. 

Um… I read emails, contracts and invoices. Does that count? 

I am slowly getting through Desert Flower by Waris Dirie. A tough but important read for this privileged white lady (but what a badass lady!)

I’m dreaming of standing room only/full capacity shows, a rooftop bar, an elevator, The Alexander Room in full flight at The Great Club and many many happy patrons and performers. So, you know, just a few small things.

The Great Club is serving up an eclectic and accessible mix of live music and events delivered with a genuine sense of community. Our hot LIVE picks include Fergus Bailey & The Teeth on June 24, Garett Kato on August 1, The Great Music Trivia hosted monthly, and Best Mates Comedy every first Thursday of the month.

Head to The Great Club to find out what’s on.

The Great Club
160-164 Livingstone Road
Marrickville, NSW

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