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Chris Woods

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I started my career in Entertainment Freight in 1997, working on the Port, in Air Freight warehouses and unpacking containers.

Then Entertainment Logistics in 2000 as a van driver collecting and delivering band equipment throughout Sydney.

Over the past 18 years I have held multiple positions within the freight and logistics industry from office administration to senior management level. What hasn’t changed is my passion for the live event industry, the people I’ve met, the acts I’ve watch grow and develop as my career has also developed and evolved.

I always maintain a grass roots, hands on level of approach – we all work as a group in the industry and rely on each other as part of the live event eco-system. My part is in freight and logistics and I work hard to maintain my reputation through solid hard work, reliability, honesty and consistency. This is at the core of what Live is.

My specialty is International Air & Sea cargo, Touring projects world-wide, Tour planning and making it happen.

Andrew Woods
General Manager


I started my career in the freight industry in 2003, as a house clerk for a large international customs brokerage before managing international import / export shipments in the pharmaceutical / bio-technology industry.

Living and working in London for a year I expanded my skillset working in specialised express airfreight, before moving back to Australia in 2013 to make a smooth transition into live event freight.

My experience and knowledge of the freight industry has proved key when taking on any new logistics challenge. Through my contacts at airlines, colleagues abroad, and local handlers I can assure that every shipment is accounted for and moved in the most effective and efficient manner.

My specialty is Australian domestic and international touring, and understanding the complexities of global and local supply chains to get it done in the most efficient and effective way.

Colin Arnold
Fleet Manager / Head of Touring


I started my career in freight in 1983 driving a small 4 tonne paper truck for deliveries to newsagents.

I soon got the bug for something bigger so in 1986 I got my HC license and bought my own truck. I drove this for 4 years before selling it to join a large transport company. I continued to build my experience, driving B-doubles interstate, training new drivers and getting more involved in on the road logistics and vehicle maintenance.

In 2009 I transitioned into Entertainment Freight. Over the last 12 years I have continued to enhance my skills, driving, handling and overseeing the movement, bump in and bump out of sensitive equipment within equally sensitive schedules.

My role on tour is to manage our fleet and be an extension of the tour crew. My experience and hands on approach has allowed me to build genuine relationships on the road and on-site, and to mentor drivers and on-site colleagues along the way.

My specialty is Australian Domestic Road Freight and Tour Trucking and getting amongst it to get it done.

Melanie Kennedy
Sales Director

Mel College Football

I was first exposed to the entertainment industry in 1997, when I commenced my sales career within the hotel sector. After progressing through various roles and looking after multiple industries, I recognised my passion was for working with the entertainment industry, an industry I have worked closely with since 2005.

In 2012 I moved into a global hotel company and established the first sales role within the company in Asia Pacific to provide dedicated, specialised service to the entertainment sector, from Major Festivals, Theatre, Film Productions and International A Parties to emerging, Grass Roots artists. In 2017 this expanded to include Elite Sport.

In 2021 I transitioned into Entertainment Freight and Logistics. At the core I am a service provider to an amazing industry, that is my role. My responsibility is to be connected to our clients, and to the industry to ensure that we can continue to evolve and respond to what is happening out there, and continue to play our role in delivering amazing events and experiences.

My specialty is understanding the unique and evolving requirements of the live event industries we work with so that they can be delivered on, and building partnerships which support a long term sustainable industry.

David Richmond
National Operations Manager


I started my career in freight in 2003, managing import documents for containerised shipping and logistics. I quickly expanded my skillset into sales operations, managing all aspects of freight fulfilment, from client enquiry, through to scheduling and delivery.

In 2013 I transitioned into Entertainment freight, specialising initially in the film and television industry while building my expertise in working across the broader entertainment sector. Across my career I have been able to marry my knowledge of logistics operations internationally and domestically, with my experience of working closely with the entertainment sector as well as within it, in a contract capacity working directly within production. My experience and perspective as a both a supplier and a client, allow me to manage all operational aspects from start to finish, anticipate hurdles, and navigate solutions.

My specialty is managing diverse projects and conflicting schedules across all modes of freight and transport categories, and delivering solutions.

Sonndre Webber


Prior to starting my career in Entertainment freight, I spent over 9 years in the marine industry, crewing and managing a multitude of vessels.

Spending a vast amount of time moving between international ports allowed me to see the logistics and freight industry from a different angle.  I was also able to develop my skillset in managing equipment, inventory, and fine eyed schedules, allowing me to make a smooth transition into entertainment freight and logistics. In early 2022 I joined Live Event Logistics.

My hands on experience moving supplies and precious cargo in different capacities through commercial and charter vessels has provided a strong foundation from which to build and refine my skillset to meet the specialised requirements of the live event industries we work with.

My specialty is providing all-round hands-on support to the Live operation and our clients, on the road, on site, in the warehouse, and getting it done.

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